Tuesday, February 9, 2016

False Valentines

On this coming Feast of St. Valentine (which is superseded by the First Sunday of Lent this year), World Marriage Day is celebrated. It would praiseworthily make sense to honor true marriages on the feast day of a Roman priest and martyr for defending the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. But unfortunately, nobody in the secular world (and many in the clergy) have no clue what marriage is all about. 

College campuses nowadays promote sexual perversion every day of the year, and during the month of February invoke Valentine with their perversions. Yale Sex Week is the most vulgar.

The bottom line is, if these kids are not married, they have no business taking part in intercourse. It's that simple. But condoms are available for free on most Novus Ordo "Catholic" college campuses. As long as contraceptives are made available, college students will have sex with one another. 

On the other hand, married couples who refuse to perform intercourse without a serious reason commit a mortal sin. They are the only ones who have the right to procreate. 

Obviously love of each other is very important in order to discern marriage, but the procreation of children on God's terms is the first aim of marriage. Love and mutual assistance are only centimeters behind. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Santorum suspends 2016 campaign

After a disappointing bottom finish in the Iowa Caucus on Monday night, Rick Santorum has decided to suspend his Presidential campaign for 2016. 

It is very disappointing that the best candidate on both sides of the aisle with the best plan to restore America to her former glory was not taken that seriously by many people as he was in 2012. With too many candidates with similar views and the emergence of Donald Trump, it was very difficult for the only GOP candidate that backs American labor to catch on. 

Since his name will most likely still appear on the Massachusetts ballot on March 1st (because of paperwork), I will still vote for him, even if he is not actively campaigning. If he is not, I will still write him in. (I suggest you do too!)

Another probable reason for this decision is due to the fact of Pope Francis. Being a Catholic who criticizes the Pope for his heretical statements may have thought (among persons of all faiths) that Santorum is a schismatic for doing so. (He is not.) 

If Trump wins the GOP nomination, I hope he picks Rick Santorum as his running mate. Both want to build a wall along the Mexican border and have similar views on immigration.

However, because of Trump's demeanor poses him at-risk for impeachment, Santorum would and can be commander-in-chief today. According to the 22nd Amendment, if Trump were to win the White House and were removed from office before January 20, 2019, heir Santorum can run for two four-year terms.

If Santorum wishes to run again, it might be best for him to run a third-party campaign to guarantee his name on the November ballot. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Rick Santorum best chance to restore America

Happy New Year to all of good will. Today is also the feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose parents obeyed the Mosaic Law by having their son circumcised eight days after His birth. 

A new year can mean new things, for the better or for the worst. Unfortunately, the United States of America is headed down the wrong direction. It is being destroyed from within the ranks of the political class. The consensus out there is that voting for a Republican for President on November 8th is solely the answer, regardless of who the nominee is. But there are key differences between the GOP candidates thus far, for example:

  • Jeb Bush supports big government, Common Core, and amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Marco Rubio is for amnesty
  • Rand Paul thinks we don't need a military
  • Chris Christie signed a bill to ban gay conversion therapy in New Jersey
  • John Kasich is another Bush
  • Dr. Ben Carson's campaign and proposed "tithe" to Capitol Hill are a joke; he is really running for Surgeon General
  • Carly Fiorina is really running for Vice President, because most uninformed women voters already have their sights on Hillary
  • Ted Cruz supports birth control (although good on other areas)
Which brings us down to final three. 

Mike Huckabee, although staunchly pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Israel, proposes a Federal Sales Tax in place of the income tax, which could cause many people not to shop for certain items. He is most likely running for Vice President. 

Donald Trump is leading in most GOP polls because of his name recognition and fame as a businessman who earned all of his money through his own empire. Although he can buy himself the White House with his own money, his demeanor could put him at-risk for impeachment. Therefore he is not my preferred choice. 

So therefore, I am proudly happy to endorse Rick Santorum for President of the United States of America!

Rick Santorum came in second place in 2012, thanks to blue-collar, working-class conservative Republicans. His very strong work ethic and and never-say-die attitude have carried over to 2016. He doesn't believe in the media polls because they only sample a select few. 

Rick Santorum has a tax plan called "The 20:20 Clear Vision for America", where the current IRS code will be "exploded" and replaced with a flat, general income tax at 20% for both individuals and businesses. Individuals and married couples with minor children will receive a $2750 credit per household member, while retaining the deductibles for donations to charity and up to $25,000 on interest on a family's primary residence. Businesses who relocate from overseas will be granted a three-year repatriation period, where they will pay nothing in the first year, 10% in the second year, and the standard 20% in the third and subsequent years. 

Rick Santorum will put American workers first. He will end the abusive H1B Visa program and reduce the current lawful immigration numbers by 25%. He will build a wall on the Mexican border and have Americans build it, not Trump's plan of Mexico building it (because they won't).  He will require E-Verify and will deport all 11 million illegal immigrants to make sure that U.S. Citizens have the first priority at employment. 

Rick Santorum will reform Social Security and Medicare by having all income taxpayers contribute to them. Currently, only wage, tip, and salary earners pay into these programs separately from the Federal income tax, while people who pay taxes only on capital gains, interest, dividends, royalties, etc. do not contribute. In another words, Social Security and Medicare will be funded from the General Fund and not from the Trust that was broken many years ago. SO ALL WILL PAY! Medicare will be paid like a health savings account to all persons age 65 and older, where the person who lives at home and has outpatient care will receive a yearly quota to for office visits, hospitalizations, procedures, and prescriptions. 

Rick Santorum will repeal Obamacare and the Death Tax. 

Rick Santorum will defund and prosecute Planned Parenthood. He will end all Federal funding for abortion and contraception, and will fight to make them illegal.

Rick Santorum will rebuild our military, defeat ISIS, and allow our veterans to receive medical care anywhere. They deserve it. The VA will be reformed, with no new VA hospitals being built. He will keep the Selective Service as is, and end the homosexual propaganda at the Pentagon by allowing persons of faith to service our country again. 

Rick Santorum is a homeschooling dad. He believes in parental involvement in a child's education whether he goes to a public, private, or home school. He will shapely reduce the size of the Department of Education, permanently get rid of Common Core, and return the responsibility of education to the states, municipalities, and parents. 

Rick Santorum will not force college down anyone's throat. His policy proposals will help the  75% of Americans who don't have a college degree. (Liberals, on the other hand, believe college is the only way to success. The Federal Student Loan program enslaves 18-year-olds into perpetual debt.) 

Rick Santorum will cut all wasteful spending, which will balance the Federal Budget within five years. He supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution which will ensure our future generations will never have the Government in debt. (Even though Bill Clinton was able the balance the budget for the first time in American history, Hillary's plan won't even come close!)

Rick Santorum is a practicing Catholic and receives more support from Evangelical Protestants than his co-religionists. He is not friends with Cardinals Dolan, Sean, Wuerl, and DiNardo; and certainly not with most of the American episcopate. The reason is simple: Rick Santorum is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. He does not agree with the USCCB on political issues. He does not agree with Pope Francis on Laudato Si, and is correct to disagree with it. 

Unfortunately, the GOP nominated a liberal in 2012, who was not much different than Obama. 

Unfortunately, most blue-collar workers who belong to labor unions will vote Democrat again because their unions will most likely endorse Hillary Clinton. They generally will vote whom the union endorses, for most of the time it is the Democrat. But Rick Santorum values people who work hard, who get up before anyone else to do jobs that many people can but will not do. Rick Santorum is actually a Republican who backs labor. He has the best chance at beating Hillary because he can get the most bipartisan support! 

We need to take back our nation. We need people in America who love America and the Judeo-Christian principles it was founded upon. Rick Santorum will protect my First Amendment rights to practice Traditional Catholicism and run this blog. He will also protect the rights of all persons of faith from being fired from the jobs for forced out of business because they openly believe in God. 

Today's Democratic Party no longer supports labor like it used to, although candidates will pretend to care about working people. The Communist and Socialist parties have merged with the Democrats to overthrow the Constitution, the Flag, and our Heritage. If elected, Hillary (or in worst case scenario Bernie) will determine what your salary will be, what your job will be, where you will live, what car you will drive, who your doctor will be, what school your children will go to, and when you will die.

Most recently-naturalized citizens are going to vote for Hillary because Obama's lax policies on immigration have granted them a too-easy path to citizenship. Many states are now allowing non-citizens to vote, which is unconstitutional and these votes for Hillary will cancel-out lawful votes. The Democratic machine latest tactic is to encourage ineligible persons to register to vote by lying on the voter registration card that they "are a Citizen of the United States." 

As an independent voter, I have the choice of primary ballot. On March 1st in Massachusetts, I will take the GOP Presidential Ballot and cast my vote for Rick Santorum

For those who are eligible to vote in the Republican Primary, please seriously reconsider your support for the other candidates. The party's goal right now should be nominating a candidate who can beat Hillary with bipartisan support, reach out to the working-class, and serve as Commander-in-Chief with force and dignity. That candidate is Rick Santorum

No candidate or his committee is responsible for this message.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gay man wins lawsuit against Novus Ordo school

A married gay man who had been denied a job as head chef of an elite all-girls "Catholic" prep school has won his lawsuit today in Norfolk Superior Court. 

Matt Barrett, the plaintiff in Barrett v. Fontbonne Academy, was initially offered the position in 2013 but was later rescinded by the head mistress for listing his husband on the emergency contact form. (Mr. Barrett has since got another job.) (News item link

Judge Douglas H. Wilkins ruled that Fontbonne Academy was not a religious institution exempt from the Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Employment laws because it does not discriminate based upon religion in their services. The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts condemned the ruling, calling it "a frontal assault on religious freedom, an appalling subordination of the First Amendment to the Massachusetts gay rights law, and a victory by homosexual activists in their campaign to coerce Christians into compliance with same sex marriage." 

Despite being operated by the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph, Fontbonne Academy is not a Catholic school simply because not all of its students are Roman Catholic. Judge Wilkins interpreted that Massachusetts law defines a Catholic school where everyone involved is Catholic. That is not the case with Fontbonne, nor any other school run by any of the Catholic dioceses in Massachusetts. 

So in other words, Massachusetts law only considers a religious school as a place where everyone involved (students, teachers, principals, staff) is of the same religion. Since Boston College, despite being owned and operated by the Jesuit order, does not regard religion into its recruitment practices, it is not a religious college! Same with Holy Cross, Assumption, Anna Maria, Emmanuel, Elms, Stonehill, etc. 

So in another words, if your child goes to a "Catholic" school that accepts anyone regardless of religion, then it is not a Catholic school under Massachusetts law! 

As long as these Vatican II Novus Ordo schools worship at the altar of diversity, they will continue to lose in court. In this particular case, this school is run by a religious order and not by the Archdiocese. But as long as Cardinal Sean continues to allow non-Catholics students in his schools, he will be subject to more lawsuits. He might as well take the name "Catholic" off all his schools. 

The only true Catholic school in the Commonwealth is run by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the Saint Benedict Center in Still River (Diocese of Worcester). The Brothers and Sisters are the primary teachers, and they only accept Catholic students. And the school day begins with Daily Latin Mass. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I will definitely have a six-month courtship now!

Christmas season is only ten days away. I have determined, due to the excruciating grave circumstances within the Church and the world, that if I court/date a young Catholic woman, it will only be about a six-month courtship before I have to present her with a ring. She is going to have to want to marry me in order to see me. She is going to have to approach me somehow, somewhere. She has going to have to be an enquirant. 

I know that the latter part may seem unorthodox, but there are not very many options left in these sad days. The days of finding a local New England Catholic girl who wishes to stay are scarce. Most young Catholics (ages 18-25) today typically come from suburban, middle-to-high income families who, if they even bother attend Sunday worship, believe in the policies of the Second Vatican Council and have an 100% approval rating of Pope Francis. And when it comes to birth control, the young women are given an open-mind for its use. And when it comes to unnatural marriage, forget about it. 

She is going to have to want me. I can say "hi" to anyone before or after Mass and give them my phone number but if they don't follow-up, it doesn't matter. They have rejected me if they are single. 

So to all young aspirant (Traditional) Catholic women who want a husband, who reject divorce, who reject birth control, who will accept all children that God grants you, who want to pray with him at least twice per day, who will stand up and restore America, who will stand up and salute the flag at least once per day at home with her husband, and who are willing to die as martyrs; please come forward!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Please sign Remnant petition for Pope Francis to resign

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Unfortunately, today begins the fake "Jubilee Year of Mercy." 

The Missionaries of Mercy are not the SSPX, even though they now have ordinary jurisdiction to grant absolution. 

It is now been suggested by the head of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization that Catholics who criticize the Pope should be excommunicated. 

Bull. Time for Francis to step down. He is incompetent to hold any ecclesiastical office. Please sign The Remnant petition today! 

I signed, will you? 

Ave Maria! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

We are now in World War III

It started recently with a Russian airliner being struck from the ground by ISIS. Now the recent terrorist attack in Paris by a member of ISIS has caused the beginning of World War III.

France is the eldest daughter of the Roman Catholic Church, whose territory was part of the medieval Holy Roman Empire. Friday night's attack was the most fatal since World War II. 

Today, despite a vast majority of Frenchmen baptized into the Catholic faith, only ten percent of those Catholics actually bother to attend Sunday Mass. Despite all those medieval cathedrals and the home to the modern-day Paris to Chartres Pilgrimage (and vice versa) on Pentecost weekend, most of them are now museums. When was the last time Holy Mass was on high altar at Notre Dame de Paris?

As an American I am afraid the United States is the next target of ISIS. As a Catholic I am also afraid Saint Peter's Basilica is another target. The Fatima prophecy of the Holy Father suffering could come true sooner than later. If His Holiness had obeyed Our Lady and consecrated Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, then this act of terror would have been averted. But instead of putting Catholics first, Pope Francis has now issued directives via his Secretary of State that Moslems are to be embraced during the upcoming Year of Mercy.


We are going to lose this war unless Our Lady is invoked. Europe has lost it's Catholic roots by conceding to the popular culture. It is quite possible that many of these Syrian refugees are faking it to seek asylum in the European Union in order to spread terrorism. The Obama Administration wants to allow 10,000 refugees by the end of the year, with several state governors objecting with the best interest of United States Citizens in mind.

The campaign to select Obama's successor now has foreign policy and immigration as major topics. The former Secretary of State in this race was the worst person in American history to ever hold that position. Now we are at-risk.

In 2016, we cannot elect a President who will allow people to just walk into this country and either (1) steal jobs away from patriotic Americans like me, or (2) murder the innocent. We need to build the wall on the Mexican border. Both major political parties, when granted control of the Federal government, have balked on caring about Americans first. The next President will take the Oath of Office and will be commander-in-chief in the middle of it all. 

For those men ages 18-25 who have fulfilled the Federal law by registering for the Selective Service, you might have to go to war. Seriously. There might be a draft. (There has always been a possibility of reactivating the draft, but more so now.) 

As far as Paris is concerned, it is unclear how many of these victims were Catholic (if any at all). While having candlelight vigils are somewhat acceptable for public memorial services, if there is at least one Catholic martyr, then there should be a public Requiem Mass for the repose of their souls, with or without the casket present. In the case of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing victims, they were all Catholic to this day the Archdiocese of Boston still refuses to have a Requiem Mass for them.

There is a reason why I have on this blog web banner with American women saluting "one nation under God." And there is also another reason why I have set as a barometer of courting only an American citizen. Despite all the imperfections, the United States is still hanging on by a thread a nation where I can still practice Catholicism without being attacked (sort of). I was born here. I would like to remain here. 

At the same time, I am not anti-immigration. My paternal grandfather was born in Great Britain, came to America with his family at age five, and served both as a National Guardsman and later a Navy Paratrooper in World War II. His parents-in-law escaped Communism in Lithuania and gave birth two three daughters here. My maternal grandmother was drafted into the British Army during World War II and met her future husband, and American soldier, on a military base. They married in uniform, and they came back to America after the war. 

There is a very good reason why America has a Pledge of Allegiance. It is not meant to take away our personal freedoms nor to turn Americans into robots. The Pledge is a statement of commitment to love our nation's principles. It is meant to be repeated perpetually, hence its recitation at the beginning of the school day. We Americans should be fortunate that we have something like this that could be used at least once per day in various capacities. We should be fortunate to have a hand-over-heart salute for civilians. We also should be fortunate that all persons, regardless of race or nationality, are allowed to join in. 

My ancestors came to America legally and when they were granted citizenship, they took the Oath of Citizenship, where they renounced "all enemies, foreign and domestic." Newly-naturalized citizens take the same oath today. It is a total insult to all legal immigrants of yesterday and today to grant amnesty to those who walk right into our country and break the law while doing so, and to the liberal and neo-con politicians who have allowed this to happen. 

My prayers are with the French people as they begin their commitment to the defeat of ISIS. America will stand behind this decision.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Recently-deceased German priest denied Requiem Mass against his will

This one is really sad and pathetic, especially to a priest. This story was first reported by Gloria.tv:

Fr. Adolf Mohr of the Diocese of Trier, Germany, died on Friday, Nov. 6th at the age of 86 from cancer. After his retirement from parochial ministry, Fr. Mohr began saying the Traditional Latin Mass, and received a written assurance from the priest where his funeral is to be held that the Latin Requiem Mass will be used for his funeral. But contrary to Father's will, Bishop Stephan Ackermann has denied the use of the old rite and the funeral will be the Novus Ordo on Friday, Nov. 13th. 

(For the record, Bishop Ackermann is very liberal and received blessings from female Protestant ministers in the past.)

Anytime a Traditionalist Catholic is denied a Requiem Mass when he dies, it is pathetic. When a priest who offered the TLM dies and is denied a Requiem Mass by his bishop, then it is really the bishop who is anathema.

As a matter of fact, every baptized Catholic is entitled to the Latin Requiem Mass when he dies, whether or not they attend it or not. This includes all the elders in nursing homes who cannot walk because of old age. (They are exempt from the Sunday obligation.) Many well-abled people cannot attend Mass on Sunday because they have not available to them within driving distance. Does that mean they are to be denied a Requiem Mass because there is no resident priest available? 

Now in my particular situation, living in Central Massachusetts with no resident priest available. When my parents pass away, who is going to say Mass for the repose of their souls? Or mine? Or anyone else's? Right now, if something happens, we are in trouble. 

Even if someone writes this in their will, it will most certainly be invalidated by the Diocese of Worcester. The only available place to have a Requiem Mass in this diocese is at a neutral site (i.e. rented space) said by a visiting priest. If you try to ask a parish priest here to say it, they are either going to say "no" or "yes, but let me talk to the Bishop", who will then say "no." 

As far as Germany is concerned, if you live there or plan on visiting, go to the SSPX Masses instead of the taxpayer-funded-soon-to-be-schismatic church. (Click here for the District of Germany website of chapels in German)

UPDATE: Good news, the Bishop has allowed a priest of the FSSP to say his Requiem Mass today. Requiesicant in Pace. Amen.